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Silent Walk

  Monday 13.45 to 15.00

Nordic Walking

  Tuesday 9.15 to 11.00

  Wednesday 13.45 to 15.30

  Friday 9.15 to 11.00

  Sunday 10.00 to 11.45

​Cross Training

  Monday 9.30 to 10.45

​Circuit Training

  Wednesday 9.00 to 10.15


  Tuesday 18.00 to 19.00

  Thursday  9.00 to 10.00



The activities are canceled during the school vacation. We'll be back on Monday February 26.
The Silent Walk starts again on Monday March 4.

Follow us !


Registration form 2023-24

 TO REGISTER 2023/24 (Form here)

Minimum age for participating 15 years.

Remember to bring your cell phone with you during the activities.


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"I finally found Nordic Sports78 which is the ideal nordic walking group that I looked for. Dynamic, happy, friendly, athletic, serious and adaptable to all levels."



"Nordic Sports78,  it's about feeling good, there are smiles, laughter and of course physical exercise!" 



"Why do I appreciate nordic walking? Because once the session is over, you feel that your entire body is full of good fatigue and it's relaxed. Because you're in nature; trees, birds; you follow the cycle of the season and you feel at peace with yourself. Because the organisers are pleasant, smiling and care for the well being of each and every participant."


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