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What is Nordic Walking ?


Nordic Walking is a full-body work out, an active walk that increases your overall strength and endurance. 
It can be done by anybody, anywhere, at any time of the year.
Nordic Walking is very sociable and easy to learn. 
The technique is simple; Nordic Walking uses two specially designed walking sticks to work the upper body while walking. It's a simple enhancement of normal walking. 
With a good technique, you enhance your walk with 30-40% and exercise 80% of y
our muscles.

What is a Silent Walk?

A Silent Walk to reconnect with your five senses. We walk slowly to have time to explore all our senses. The participants stay silent but the animatrice will sometimes guide you verbally during the walk. For more information, please contact us.


Silent Walk

Monday 13.45 to 15.00

Nordic Walking

Tuesday 9.15 to 11.00

Wednesday 13.45 to 15.30

Friday 9.15  to 11.00

Sunday 10.00  to 11.45


10€ membership fee

12 € for 1 session
40 € for 5 sessions
75 € for 10 sessions

1€ to rent walking sticks, 1 session

Formula "Card 75€"

10 sessions of choice : Nordic walking, Cross training, Circuit training and Pilates.


For more information : contact us

Please contact us for your first session.

To know !
Nordic Sport 78 Marche en Silence
Nordic Sport78 Paris ouest

A Nordic walking session...

  • A Nordic walking session with Nordic Sports lasts 1h45.

  • There is one coach and one assistant present during the workout. This helps us to ensure individual attention and adapt to each person's wants and needs. 

  • Warming up: Walking for about 10 minutes followed by some active stretching during 7-10 minutes.

  • Intensive walk for about 1:20.

  • Stretching for about 7-10 minutes.
The benefits of Nordic Walking
  • ​increases your overall strength and 

  • increases your oxygen consumption

  • reduces the pressure on knees and joints

  • reinforces your immune system

  • suitable for all ages

  • relaxing and fun

  • close to nature

  • social

  • weight loss

  • Clothing

The clothes should be comfortable, breathable and easy to walk in. Avoid coton material.


  • During winter

A hat and gloves. 60% of the body heat is lost through the head.

  • Shoes

Nordic walking shoes

Trail shoes

Running shoes

  • Recommanded

A shoe that allows your ankle to move around freely. 

A good and flexible sole that allows you to walk on all surfaces.

  • Against the rain

Waterproof shoes and clothing

  • Attention !

Each foot is different. Choose a shoe that you feel comfortable in.

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