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Circuit Training & Funtional Training
with Annelie

Circuit Training

Functional, challenging and easy to follow! Strength training that targets all muscle groups.

The session consists of different exercises/ stations completed in succession with a minimal rest in between.

Circuit training incorporates strength, balance and mobility in the same work out. It's time efficient, effective and fun. 


During each session, you work out your arms, your shoulders, your back, your abdominals, your legs and your glutes. We also focus on the deep muscles (the core muscles) around your trunk and your pelvis. These muscles improve your balance and stability and reduces risk of injury.

The benefits of the exercises used in the circuit training sessions are many; greater efficiency of movement, improved body control, stability and balance, improved athletic performance etc.

It will not only strengthen your muscles and improve your posture, it will also reduce stress and help you concentrate.

Material used during the class: Dumbells, Kettlebells, Pilates material, Rresistance bands, Bosu ball, Balance board, Medicin ball.


Wednesday & Thursday : 9.00 - 10.15



5€ membership fee

15€ the session
95 € for a 10 sessions card 

FORMULA  "Card 75€"

10 sessions of choice

nordic walking / cross training / circuit training 

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Please contact us for your first session

Meeting Place


2 Place Victor Hugo


To know !

Functional Training

The Functional Training session is similar to the Circuit Training session. The difference is that the members follow the trainer's instructions and do the exercises together as in a group class.

What is Functional Training?
Functional Training is using several muscle groups at the same time. It involves multidimensional and multidrectional movements in order to solicit all axes and levels of the body. It includes working with free weights, unstable elements, small accessories and body weight.


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