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PILATES with Annelie

à savoir !

The six principles of Pilates

  • Concentration

  • Breathing

  • Control

  • Center

  • Precision

  • Flow


  • Strengthens your core muscles (transversus abdominus,multifidus,pelvic floor, diaphragm.)

  • Works on your spine mobility

  • Connects your body and mind

  • Decreases pressure in your joints

  • Stabilizes your pelvic floor

  • Emphazises on breathing (lateral thoracic breathing)

The Pilates session varies from week to week.


Tuesday 18.00  to 19.00

Salle Polyvalente Champs des Oiseaux

Marly-le-Roi (78)

Thursday 9.00 to 10.00

L'Espace - 2 Place Victor Hugo

Fourqueux (78)


10€ membership fee

15€ the session
95 € for a 10 sessions card

Formula "Card 75€"

10 sessions of choice : Nordic walking, Cross training, Circuit training and Pilates.

For more information : contact us

Please contact us for your first session.

To know !
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If you want a more personalized...

Individual, duo ou small group session (max four people) with or without equipment, contact Annelie



Prices : Contact us

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