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The Team : Annelie, Ann-Sofie and Carol.

We speak French, English and Swedish

Nordic Sports78 is a nonprofit association. The team consists of Annelie, Ann-Sofie and Carol. Annelie has diplomas from both Sweden and France. She has an extensive background in sports, particularly in track and field, cross country and group training.
- Certified Pilates Instructor in Mat 1, Mat 2 and Mat 3
- 250 hours, A-Lynes Pilates Centre et Formation in Paris.
- Animateur de Loisir Sportif CQP (AGGEE) - Fédération Sports Pour Tous
-Certified Training Instructor - The Academy (Sweden)


Nordic Sports carries out its activities west of Paris (78).

Our philosophy is to offer classes that are fun, efficient, enjoyable and dynamique. With a positive attitude and regular exercise, you will quickly feel the difference.

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