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Cross Training


Cross-training is an outdoor activity where we blend walk/jog/run intervals with different types of exercises to create an effective workout. We creatively combine physical fitness with the environment in the forest.

The workout includes cardiovascular work, strength work and flexibility movements. Cross training allows you to work out in your own pace/tempo and we adapt the exercises to your level. It’s varied, it’s fun and it’s challenging. 


Monday 9.30 to 10.45

Avenue des Loges

78100 St-Germain-en--Laye

Parking near the swimming pool


10€ membership fee

12 € for 1 session
40 € for 5 sessions
75 € for 10 sessions

Formula  "Card 75€"

10 sessions of choice: Nordic walking,  Cross training, Circuit training and Pilates.


For more information : contact us

Please contact us for your first session.

To know !
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  • Clothing

The clothes should be comfortable, breathable and easy to walk in. Avoid coton material.


  • During winter

A hat and gloves. 60% of the body heat is lost through the head.

  • Shoes

Trail shoes

Running shoes

  • Agains the rain

Waterproof shoes and clothing

  • Attention!

Each shoe is different. Choose a shoe that you feel comfortable in.

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