Group Sessions with Annelie

Circuit Training

Functional, challenging and easy to follow! A combination of aerobic and resistance training that targets all muscle groups.
The session consists of different exercises/ stations completed in succession with a minimal rest in between.
Circuit training incorporates strength, flexibility and cardio in the same work out. It is time efficient, it is effective, it is fun. All this to great upbeat music!

The benefits of core training are many; greater efficiency of movement, improved body control, stability and balance, improved athletic performance etc.
Core training will not only strengthen your muscles and improve your posture, it will also reduce stress and help you to concentrate.

Nordics Sports - Cours collectifs

Nordics Sports - Personal Training

Nordics Sports - Personal Training

Hours and fees

Circuit Training
Thursday: 9.15 - 10.15
- 15 €/session
- 95 € for a 10 sessions card
- SPECIAL PRICE : nordic walking/
cross training+circuit training
75€/95€+75€. More info : contact-us

Please contact us for your first session

Meeting place

2 place V. Hugo
78112 Fourqueux

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